Food for ThoughtExploring the complex and ever-changing realities of eating disorders, food, and bodies.
How Cognitive Dissonance Can Challenge Appearance Ideals in Eating Disorder Patients
Not So “Atypical” Anorexia Nervosa: Clinical History, Diagnostic Considerations, and Treatment Approaches
New Research: FBT Outcomes Across Gender Identity
Equip Now Treats Patients of All Ages!
The Limitations of AI: The Role of (Real) Human Interaction in Eating Disorder Care
Our First Annual Treatment Outcomes Report Is Here—Read the Highlights
Equip's New Branding: Exploring the Meaning Behind Our New Look
Weight Loss Drugs Are Suddenly Everywhere. Here’s How Parents Can Handle It.
As a Clinical Psychologist, I’m Terrified About Anti-Trans Legislation.
Unpacking Equip’s Media Guidelines: What to Say (and Not Say) About Food & Bodies
Equip's New Media Guidelines for Writing About Food, Bodies, and Eating Disorders
Equip Case Report: FBT+ Is Effective For Children with Binge Eating Disorder
Which Dietary Intervention Is Best for Eating Disorder Treatment?
One Size Doesn’t Fit All: Growth Patterns Matter More Than Your BMI
New Research: What Family Factors Determine Success with FBT?
Equip Publishes Study Showing Virtual Treatment Is Highly Effective for Eating Disorders as Company Expands to 50 States
Equip’s New Research Shows Virtual Treatment Works for Eating Disorders – Here’s What We Now Know
How Equip's $58M Series B Will Revolutionize the Eating Disorder Field
We Already Knew Social Media is Detrimental for Eating Disorders. Now Let's Get Everyone Access to Care
Equip Now Provides Eating Disorder Care to Half the US Population!
New Research Reveals the Devastating Realities of Eating Disorders — Here’s What Families Need to Know
Equip Expands its Eating Disorder Care to Pacific Northwest
Project HEAL and Equip Announce "Equipped to Heal" Scholarship Program
Eating Disorders Cost the U.S. $65 Billion a Year. Here’s How You Can Help Change That
Research Shows Equip’s Family-Based Treatment Model Works. Here’s Why.
Equip Works with Cigna to Broaden Access to Eating Disorder Care in CA, NY + TX
Experts Say Anorexia Treatment In The U.S. Is In A “Crisis.” Here’s Why.
Equip's New Chief of Staff: Why I Left VC to Help Transform Eating Disorder Care
Equip Raises $17 Million to Transform Eating Disorder Treatment
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