Food for ThoughtExploring the complex and ever-changing realities of eating disorders, food, and bodies.
What Do Eating Disorder Meal Plans Look Like?
Food Allergies and ARFID: What's the Connection?
How Gym Culture Can Contribute to Eating Disorders and Disordered Eating
Healthy Movement vs. Toxic Fitness: How to Tell the Difference
What Is Exercise Addiction? (And What to Do If You’re Dealing with It)
Post-Meal Distress in Eating Disorder Recovery: Why It Happens and How to Cope
What Happens If You Don’t Eat Enough? 8 Ways Undereating Affects Your Body and Mind
What to Do After Binge Eating (And What Not to Do)
What Is an Eating Disorder Dietitian, and Why Are They so Essential to Recovery?
What Are Fear Foods? (And Why It's Important to Face them In Recovery)
Why There Aren’t “Good” and “Bad” Foods: Understanding the All-Foods-Fit Approach
5 Ways to Shut Down Diet Culture Commentary During Thanksgiving
Beyond the Food: Redefining the Meaning of Thanksgiving While in Eating Disorder Recovery
Orthorexia: Can "Clean Eating" Become an Eating Disorder?
What’s the Relationship Between Intermittent Fasting and Eating Disorders?
Eating Disorder Recovery at School: How to Handle Meals and Snacks
What Is Intuitive Eating? (And Can It Fit into Eating Disorder Recovery?)
What Is RED-S and How Does It Relate to Eating Disorders?
8 Ways to Help a Loved One with an Eating Disorder through Meals
Food Restriction Is at the Root of Most Eating Disorders—Not Just Anorexia
Eating Disorders in Athletes: What Everyone Should Know
Helping Your Child When Halloween Candy Is Stressful, Not Sweet
What to Say (and Not Say) When it Comes to Food, Fitness, and Body Image
From Fitness Tests to PE: What Every Parent, Educator, and Coach Needs to Know About Eating Disorders
What Experts Say About Fasting Ramadan in Eating Disorder Recovery
When Fitness Goes Too Far: The Relationship Between Exercise and Eating Disorders
Jewish and in Recovery: How to Approach Fasting During the High Holidays
When Exercise Is Unhealthy
Is It Okay to Eat Vegan or Vegetarian During Eating Disorder Recovery?
Hunger and Fullness Cues During Eating Disorder Recovery: How to Listen to Your Body
Is It Normal for Athletes Not to Get a Period? Understanding Eating Disorders, Periods, and Athletics
Why Dietitians Are an Essential Ingredient in Treatment
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