Our patients are well on their way to recovery
Equip treatment is designed for lasting recovery. You get the support you need to overcome the eating disorder, protect against relapse, and rediscover your love for what matters most in your life.
What Equip patients report85% are highly satisfied with Equip treatment.
8 in 10patients see a decrease in eating disorder behaviors
3 in 4caregivers feel more confident caring for their loved one
of patients report improvements with depression or anxiety
Outcomes that matterWe rigorously track outcomes to make sure patients and their loved ones get results that positively impact their lives.
81%of Equip patients reached or maintained their target weight by 1 year
96%of patients and their loved ones felt truly cared for by their Equip treatment team
of caregivers would recommend Equip to others
Our independent research team regularly reports on our approach and outcomes. Explore our most recent research on our blog. 
Why our treatment worksOur multidisciplinary teams use the leading evidence-based approaches to tailor treatment to each patient and address every aspect of the eating disorder.
Multidisciplinary care teamYou’re supported by a dedicated multidisciplinary team that includes a therapist, dietitian, medical provider, and mentors who have made it to the other side of recovery.
Build a life worth living while living lifeOur accessible, affordable approach fits around your life—so you don’t have to fit life around treatment.
Designed for lasting recoveryPeer-reviewed research combines with decades of clinical and lived experience to give you the outcome you want: full, lasting eating disorder recovery.
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81%of patients reached or maintained their target weight within one year
96%of Equip patients and families felt truly cared for by their treatment team
50%decrease in anxiety and depression throughout treatment
What patients say about Equip
Heading into uncharted waters is never easy. Us dads do not always feel up to the task. The storm will still rage, but Equip will keep you off the rocks.
Father of 14-year old with anorexia
Anorexia felt like trekking through a dense jungle–overwhelming. Equip lifted the fog and handed us the map
Dad of a 12-year-old with anorexia
Equip was there for us day and night. Any time we needed help they held our hands and walked us through the darkness; all we had to do was trust their professional expertise.
Sister of a 19-year old woman with anorexia
Not only did Equip help me with the day to day treatment of my child's eating disorder, but I also felt like I was no longer alone in the fight.Mother of a 15-year-old with anorexia
This has been the missing link on our journey. The convenience of scheduling; virtual options; complete team of providers; it is saving my daughter's life.Mother of a 13-year-old girl with ARFID
I love the team approach that touches every aspect. Their positive approach has inspired my son to want to improve and take a lot of the initiative to do so himself.Mother of a 18-year-old son with OSFED