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With knowledge and support, full eating disorder recovery is possible. Learn more about how to identify and overcome these complex illnesses.
Eating disorders are everywhere
At least 9% Americans (over 30 million people) are affected by eating disorders.
5.5 millionAmericans will develop an eating disorder this year
100%increase in eating disorder-related hospitalizations since the start of the pandemic
deadliest mental illness
Are you worried about yourself or a loved one?A comprehensive list of eating disorder signs and symptoms to help you determine if you or your loved one needs help.
Signs of an eating disorder are often missed
Eating disorders have the second highest mortality rate of any mental illness and often hide in plain sight.
Anorexia is an eating disorder characterized by extreme restriction of food and a fear of gaining weight.
Young people between the ages of 15 and 24 with anorexia have 10 times the risk of dying compared to their same-aged peers.⁵
Those with anorexia are at an exceedingly high risk for early relapse. With FBT, 49% of adolescents with anorexia achieve full remission.
While lower weight was once equated with more severe illness in anorexia, rising rates or hospitalizations for patients with atypical anorexia (meaning they are not underweight) call this into question.⁶
Studies show that atypical anorexia rates in adolescents across the globe are higher than rates of anorexia.⁷
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