Eating disorder treatment that works — delivered at home

Now taking patients ages 6-24 in 40+ states!

Our treatment philosophy

Eating disorders are brain disorders

People with eating disorders share powerful temperament traits and neurobiology that can be redirected toward positive behaviors. 

Food is healing

Food is medicine. Food is social. Food is comfort. Food is fuel. Heal your relationship with food by normalizing eating behaviors and gaining freedom around all foods. 

Health at every size

Freedom from an eating disorder means not constantly thinking about food and your body. We help you achieve body neutrality and skills to fight the eating disorder and diet culture. Eating disorders come in all shapes and sizes—and healthy bodies do too.

Full recovery is possible

We’ve designed Equip to be your last eating disorder treatment. Your family will learn skills to prevent relapse and manage the inevitable ups and downs of life. 

Data-driven treatment

To ensure we’re delivering results for patients and families, your progress is continually and transparently measured to individualize your care and achieve the best outcomes.

Care should be accessible

We’ve brought together recovered patients and families, leading researchers, and forward-thinking payors to provide more families lasting recovery at home.

Why it works

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Care at home on your schedule

Live video sessions and secure messaging between sessions with your care team—whenever you need it

Dedicated 5-person care team

Your provider team includes a therapist, dietitian, physician, peer mentor, and family mentor who work collaboratively to help you meet your goals

Gold standard care made accessible

A care program built by experts in the field alongside people in recovery from eating disorders

We take insurance

Because recovery should be accessible. Currently in-network with Optum, Cigna, Horizon, Aetna, Magellan & PacificSource, with more coming soon!

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We believe recovery is not only possible, it's worth it.

“Equip provided the complete support our family needed to help move our daughter into recovery. Working with a family therapist, along with family and peer mentors made a major difference in our daughter’s progress. We’re grateful we were able to work with a team providing excellent care to patients and families battling an eating disorder.”

Cyndi N.

Mother of an athlete

"The ongoing support and care from the Equip team helped so much in my recovery process. I always felt like I had someone to talk to. Their guidance really pushed me forward in becoming more comfortable around food."


College student

“Equip offered the complete package of care needed for my daughter who struggled with anorexia for five years.  The entire staff is extremely experienced in dealing with eating disorder patients and their families and the program was easy to navigate. Having every appointment in the comfort of your home and online was a refreshing and much appreciated approach to therapy.”

Christine F.

Mother of a college student


"It’s not enough for people to have access to any treatment, they need access to quality treatment that will keep them well in treatment and long after treatment ends."

"Equip is Saffran’s brainchild, created in collaboration with cofounder Erin Parks, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist and researcher. The fully virtual program, which launched earlier this month, is designed to make FBT accessible for anyone who has an eating disorder."

"But after years of watching the status quo fail patients, Saffran reached out to her friend with the idea of trying something new."

"Dr. Parks says that eating disorders often function as a method for coping with stress and are similar to other kinds of maladaptive behaviors—behaviors that impact daily life and function—such as substance use and self-harm."

"Equip’s approach is to assign each family a dedicated virtual care team that includes a therapist, dietitian, MD psychiatrist, peer mentor, and a mentor who works with the entire family."

"Eating disorders can be notoriously difficult to treat, taking up to seven years to overcome...Equip believes its Family-Based Treatment program can overcome eating disorders in one year."

"Parks tells Scary Mommy you should 'learn about the fat-phobia and diet-culture in our society, and teach your kids to be informed consumers of our culture.'"

"When Saffran cofounded Project HEAL in 2008 at the age of 15, she viewed insurance companies as villains for denying treatment. Now they’re her customers."

"Equip offers virtual family-based treatment, which utilizes what Parks described as the 'radical idea that families are best equipped to help their loved one recover from an eating disorder.'"