Learn more in our open info group
Our pre-admissions group is a casual, informational meeting where you can learn more about Equip treatment and ask any questions you have.
The support and care that Equip has provided our family has been indispensable. We are eternally grateful for this program.Parent of an Equip patient
Who is this group for?
Anyone is welcome to join, but our pre-admissions group is meant for patients and families who are considering Equip treatment, patients who have admitted to Equip but haven’t started treatment yet, and providers who want to learn more about Equip treatment.
Is the group anonymous?
This is a public group, so there’s not the same level of confidentiality that you’d get in a treatment group. However, it’s totally fine to join with your camera off if that’s more comfortable for you.
Do I have to stay for the full hour?
No. This is meant to be a drop-in group, so you can join for as long or as little as you like. Some people choose to stay for the full hour, while others prefer to join, ask a quick question, and then leave. 
What topics do you cover in the group?
The group is focused on answering participants’ questions, so we cover a wide range of different topics. Topics that tend to come up include what treatment looks like day-to-day, how Equip differs from other treatment programs, and what to do if a loved one resists treatment. Whatever you’re wondering about, we’re here to talk it through with you. 
We hope to see you in a future session!