What level of care is Equip?
Equip is a fully virtual eating disorder program that breaks the mold of traditional levels of care by treating medically stable patients across a wide spectrum of acuity levels. Our model can be a great fit for patients who might otherwise seek residential, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, or traditional outpatient treatment.
Reimagining eating disorder treatment 
Equip redefines the fragmented eating disorder treatment landscape, offering evidence-based treatment throughout a patient's entire journey to recovery. Rather than segmenting patient treatment by acuity level (requiring step-down from one setting to another), Equip provides integrated, flexible treatment that meets patients where they are.
Ensuring medical stability
All our patients are medically cleared before enrollment and monitored for stability by Equip medical and psychiatric teams on a regular, ongoing basis. In the event that a patient is or becomes medically unstable, Equip will help coordinate their hospitalization and continue to support the patient and their loved ones in a limited capacity. Following stabilization, the vast majority of these patients discharge back into Equip care, enabling them to benefit from our flexible and continuous care model.
Who we treat
Equip providers are experienced and successful in treating a wide range of patient acuity, including both highly acute patients who might traditionally seek residential treatment (RTC), a partial hospitalization program (PHP), or intensive outpatient program (IOP) and lower acuity patients looking for outpatient alternatives. Instead of “stepping down” through these traditional treatment settings to new care teams and environments, Equip patients stay with the same care team and in their community through their treatment with Equip and into recovery.
of Equip patients meet criteria for residential treatment
of Equip patients had prior inpatient medical care
of patients at Equip have never had prior treatment
of Equip patients live 20+ miles from a treatment facility
Questions? We can help
Our team is ready to answer any specific questions you may have about our level of care.