Admissions at Equip
Recovery is difficult enough—starting treatment shouldn’t be another challenge. Learn more about what to expect from our admissions process.
First, get in contact with our teamDuring your initial conversation, we’ll walk you through the Equip treatment program, answer your questions, and make sure Equip is the right fit for you.
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What to have handy when you reach out
To make admitting to Equip as easy as possible, gather as much of the below information and documents as you can. But even if you don’t have these items, you can still start the process.
Insurance cards
If members of your household have health insurance
Patient’s birth date
Eating disorder symptoms
Let us know any symptoms you or your loved one are experieincing
Health history
We'll walk through any other existing medical or mental health concerns
Submit insuranceAfter you give us your insurance info, our team will verify your coverage. If you’re not in-network, we’ll connect you with a financial counselor to talk through options.
Equip is in-network with most major insurance providers, and we’re always working to add new health plans.
Set up your account We’ll help you create your Equip account. This is where you’ll fill out digital paperwork, track your admissions to-do list, and get updates on the process.
Meet with your doctorSome patients may need to see their doctor to ensure medically stability before beginning Equip treatment. We’ll work with your provider to make this part easy.
Make an appointment with your doctor
This can be your PCP, pediatrician, or any other doctor you see regularly. If you don’t have a regular doctor, you can visit an urgent care center.
Get your check up
Your doctor will take your weight, vital signs, and a few labs. This data helps us ensure that you’re in a stable place for treatment.
We take care of the rest
Our team will work with your doctor to gather all of your results, then an Equip medical provider will review them and confirm that outpatient care is safe for you.
Begin onboardingOur multidisciplinary teams use the leading evidence-based approaches to tailor treatment to each patient and address every aspect of the eating disorder.
Onboarding callYou'll talk with someone from our team to schedule your first week of appointments and give loved ones account access.
Explore resourcesWe’ll share an admissions packet and other resources with in-depth information on what to expect from Equip.
Meet your teamDuring your first week, you’ll have separate intake appointments to get to know each provider on your dedicated 5-person team.
Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to some common questions about the Equip admissions process.
There’s never a waitlist at Equip, so the admissions process can start right away. On average, this process takes about two to three weeks from the time you first reach out to our team. Your admissions specialist will work with you and your schedule to coordinate your admissions date.
While we believe that support from those around you is helpful in recovery, we don’t require that you involve family or other loved ones. You can also start treatment on your own, then work with your team to identify who might be a good support and incorporate them into treatment at a later stage.  The exception is for young people doing family-based treatment (FBT). In these cases, it’s essential that loved ones are involved, as they play a central role in treatment.
During the first two weeks of treatment at Equip, it’s important that you get to know all of your providers, and they get to know you and your loved ones. This may make it feel like you’re attending a lot of appointments, but all of these sessions are important. Your provider team will use these initial weeks to get to know you, your challenges, and your unique needs, and develop a personalized treatment plan. 
Usually, Equip treatment can accommodate busy work and school schedules. We have patients who take sessions from empty classrooms at school, private conference rooms at the office, or even parking lots while running errands. The beauty of virtual treatment is that it fits into your life where and when is most convenient. Some patients do need to temporarily step back from activities or responsibilities during the beginning of treatment when they’re attending more appointments, but they can usually get back to their normal schedule before too long.  We believe treatment is most effective when it happens in your real life, so we do all that we can to help you keep living that life as you move toward recovery.
Recovery looks different for everyone, so there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. However, at Equip, we seek insurance authorization for up to a year of treatment.  This may seem like a long time, but it doesn’t mean that you’re attending regular sessions for a full year. You’ll start off with a high frequency of appointments, but then they’ll taper off as you make progress through treatment. Usually, patients achieve recovery before the year is over, and then have the support of their team as they navigate those vulnerable first few months without an eating disorder. This protects patients against relapse and gives them a safety net if they do experience any setbacks.
Get started with EquipConnect with our admissions team to learn more about the admissions process and take the first steps toward recovery.