Equip's New Branding: Exploring the Meaning Behind Our New Look

Equip has a new look! And we wanted to give you a peek at the “why” behind our new brand. Whether you’re a designer or brand aficionado—or not, hopefully this will feel a bit meaningful to you. <3

When we set out to transform the eating disorder treatment landscape in 2020, we didn’t dare to dream how many lives we’d touch in just three years. Our original brand was built to get us off the launchpad. This new brand is built to reach every single person with an eating disorder. This means we’ll be showing up with more humanity, more vibrance, more depth, and more personal stories.

You might notice a curving line in our new brand—and it’s at the heart of Equip and the world of eating disorder recovery. This line symbolizes the nonlinear path to recovery experienced by nearly everyone affected by an eating disorder.  For those of us who’ve been through it, we know that the recovery journey spans across a vast range of human emotions; travels along peaks and valleys big and small; can feel expansive and constricting even in the same moment; can fill us with fear and hope; and ultimately, moves with us through it all.

This line also symbolizes Equip’s support and presence in our patients’ lives as they move through recovery—wherever they are.

You’ll also notice our brand has a brighter, more dynamic feel. We’re showcasing more diverse faces and bodies to represent the far-reaching stories of eating disorders. The new, modernized Equip look matches the innovation of our treatment model, and brings a sense of vibrancy and color to an issue that can feel heavy at times—but one we face with infinite hope, optimism, and motivation.

We are also rolling out a brand new website, which has been fully reimagined to provide a more content-rich, interactive, intuitive user experience that ensures every single person has easy access to the information they need in that moment—whether it’s a provider looking to learn about screening for eating disorders, an athlete wondering if they may have a problem, or a parent trying to understand the treatment options for their child. We know that eating disorders affect people in countless different ways, and built our new site to speak to all the questions and concerns that arise on the road to recovery.

As we continue forward in our mission to make eating disorder treatment that works accessible to everyone who needs it, we hope our new branding and website serve as powerful platforms from which to make strides toward this ambitious goal.

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