Equip Now Treats Patients of All Ages!
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Since day one, our mission at Equip has been crystal clear: to make evidence-based eating disorder treatment accessible to everyone who needs it. From that first day, we’ve known that eating disorders don’t discriminate—they affect people across all identities—including all ages.

Today, we are thrilled to announce that Equip treatment is now available to patients of all ages.

Until now, we’ve treated patients ages 6 to 24 who live with their parents, as we know this is the age range in which eating disorders normally begin. Over the past few years of treating patients, we’ve built out and validated our treatment model, ensuring that we were able to maintain our industry-leading outcomes at scale before expanding to adults. We’ve been thrilled to see our treatment for 6-24-year-olds yield tremendous results, and we’re confident that our now expanded age range will lead to full healing and recovery for many.

Our new, expanded care model takes the best parts of Equip’s family-based treatment and makes them adaptable to patients of all ages and living situations, allowing us to personalize treatment to every patient. Rather than creating separate treatment tracks for young patients and adults, we’ve made a holistic shift that allows for tailored, individualized treatment, regardless of age—without compromising the evidence-based foundation that has yielded strong outcomes for thousands of patients.

As always, Equip patients of all ages can expect:

  • A wraparound, multidisciplinary care team that includes a therapist, dietitian, and medical provider, as well as mentors with relevant lived experience and identities
  • 100% virtual care that fits into your life, not the other way around
  • The involvement of your village—whether that means family, chosen family, friends, colleagues, or anyone else you rely on for support. If you don’t have anyone or aren’t sure who to bring into treatment, we’ll help you identify or expand your support system during treatment.
  • Evidence-based care that's focused on getting you the outcomes you want so that you can fully engage with your life

Our new approach now leverages additional evidence-based modalities including CBT-E (enhanced cognitive behavioral therapy), DBT (dialectical behavioral therapy), FBT, and ERP (exposure and response prevention), among others. Each patient’s dedicated care team will tailor treatment to best suit their needs—closely monitoring what’s working and what’s not—and will be by their side for every step of the nonlinear journey to recovery.

Eating disorders affect 10% of the population, and recovery is possible for each and every one of those people—but only with the right treatment. Our goal is to get treatment that works to every single person who needs it, enabling them to rediscover the beautiful lives that are waiting for them on the other side of these complex, debilitating illnesses.

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