Eating disorder treatment that works—delivered at home
Virtual, evidence-based care designed to achieve full recovery.
You’re supported by a 5-person care team
Clinical expertise combined with lived experience gives you the comprehensive support you need.
TherapistFamily and individual therapy provides skills and support
Medical providerTrack progress and stay on top of medical issues
DietitianMeet nutritional goals and learn vital mealtime skills
Family MentorGet advice along the road to recovery from someone who’s been in your shoes
Peer Mentor
Support, inspiration and understanding from a person in recovery
Why Equip is different
of Equip patients are getting better
Get a consultation
Dedicated multidisciplinary team
Evidence-based treatment—made virtual
Built on clinical expertise and lived experience
Lasting recovery
We are in-network with most insurance plans
Because treatment should be accessible.
You're not alone
5 million Americans will develop an eating disorder this year
These illnesses are serious.Eating disorders have the second highest mortality rate of all mental illnesses, behind opioid addiction.
Early intervention is critical.Research shows the sooner someone gets treatment, the more likely they are to recover and the less likely they are to relapse.
Getting the right treatment matters.After working within a broken system, we built the treatment we knew needed to exist: accessible, evidence-based care, laser-focused on sustainable recovery.
Who we help
We treat children, teens, and adults in all 50 states. Our providers are trained to treat all eating disorder diagnoses, as well as co-occurring conditions like anxiety, depression, and OCD.
Our patients are getting better
After the first 8 weeks of treatment, Equip patients are well on their way to recovery
Average weekly weight gain for those who need it
8 in 10
Patients report a decrease in eating disorder behaviors
Of patients report improvements with depression or anxiety
Heading into uncharted waters is never easy. Us dads do not always feel up to the task. The storm will still rage, but Equip will keep you off the rocks.
Dad of a 16-year old with anorexia
Anorexia felt like trekking through a dense jungle – overwhelming. Equip lifted the fog and handed us the map.
Dad of a 12-year-old with anorexia
Equip was there for us day and night. Any time we needed help they held our hands and walked us through the darkness; all we had to do was trust their professional expertise.
Sister of a 19-year old woman with anorexia
Not only did Equip help me with the day to day treatment of my child's eating disorder, but I also felt like I was no longer alone in the fight.
Mother of a 15-year-old with anorexia
This has been the missing link on our journey. The convenience of scheduling; virtual options; complete team of providers; it is saving my daughter's life.
Mother of a 13-year-old girl with ARFID
I love the team approach that touches every aspect. Their positive approach has inspired my son to want to improve and take a lot of the initiative to do so himself.
Mother of a 18-year-old son with OSFED
Our work is getting attentionWhat's being said about Equip in the press
Equip is Saffran’s brainchild, created in collaboration with cofounder Erin Parks, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist and researcher. Traditional mental health does not yet differentiate between treatment that feels good and treatment that actually works. The fully virtual platform is designed to make [treatment] accessible for anyone who has an eating disorder.Read More
Eating disorder survivors are some of the best advocates and may be our best hope for long-term healing. Kristina Saffran—who, as a teenager, founded Project HEAL, a non-profit that helps people find treatment and helps pay for it—went on to create Equip Health, an online treatment for eating disorders that takes insurance and provides patients with a five-person care team: therapist, dietician, physician, peer mentor, and family mentor. Having been in and out of treatment herself, one of her top priorities is recovery maintenance and the mentors are the “secret sauce,” to this as she put it to me, having someone in your corner who’s been through it.Read More
Instead of removing the patient from the home, Equip uses a virtual, family-based treatment model to build recovery into daily schedules.Read More
It has been really the privilege of our lifetimes to start Equip and watch people get better. The lights are coming back on. Kids are remembering who they are outside their eating disorder.Read More
During the pandemic, eating disorders skyrocketed among teens. Now, investors are putting their money behind a startup that hopes to help kids and young adults work with their families to recover from this ailment.Read More
Generalized therapy may only cover the psychological component of an eating disorder, but Equip combines psychiatric, dietary, medical, practical, and therapeutic support for the best results.Read More
We took the vital core of FBT—empowering families to get their loved one into recovery— and made it virtual so it can work with the schedules of busy families.Read More