ARFID treatment that works—delivered at home.
Equip’s virtual, evidence-based care empowers your child to beat ARFID without putting life on pause.
Is it ARFID?
If you’ve noticed these behaviors in your child, it may be time to seek professional support.
Learn more about binge eating disorder
Common signs
Significant weight loss or stunted growth
Food limitations based on taste, texture, color, temperature, or brand
Fear of vomiting, choking, allergic reactions, or contamination
Difficulty sleeping, concentrating, or fighting illness
Fear of trying new or unfamiliar foods
Not all eating disorder treatment works. Ours does.
of patients see an improvement in depression or anxiety by 8 weeks
7 in 10
patients have high hopes for recovery by 12 weeks
of patients report an improvement of eating disorder symptoms by 16 weeks
We are in-network with most insurance plans
Because ARFID treatment should be affordable
Why Equip is differentEquip delivers virtual, evidence-based treatment that meets you where you are and supports you every step of the way to lasting recovery.
Dedicated 5-person care teamYour family is supported by a 5-person care team that includes a therapist, dietitian, medical provider, and peer and family mentors who are all experienced specifically in ARFID.
Virtual treatment, based on evidenceWe take the leading ARFID treatment modalities (CBT-AR, FBT, DBT, and more) and bring them to you. Treatment fits into your family’s life, not the other way around.
Support in the real world
With expert guidance and support, we empower families to be active participants in their loved one’s recovery. We invite a patient’s entire village into the treatment process: family, friends, and mentors.
Specialized support for ARFIDWe offer dedicated support groups for overcoming ARFID and peer mentorship with people on the other side of recovery from ARFID.
Lasting ARFID recovery starts with the first step.Our team is here to take it with you
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