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Eating disorder treatment that works—delivered at home.
Equip’s virtual, evidence-based care empowers people of all ages to beat their eating disorder without pressing pause on their life.
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Not all eating disorder treatment works. Ours does.
Most eating disorder treatment isn’t based on evidence. Ours is.
of patients see an improvement in depression or anxiety by 8 weeks
Of families feel more confident caring for their child at 12 weeks
of patients report an improvement of eating disorder symptoms by 16 weeks
Why Equip is differentClinical expertise combined with lived experience gives you the comprehensive support you need
Virtual treatment means you don’t need to put life on pause
We take the leading eating disorder treatment modalities—CBT-E, DBT, FBT, and more—and bring them to patients. Treatment fits into your life, not the other way around.
Clinical expertise and lived experience give you human, outcome-driven care
Top experts in the field join forces with people who’ve been there (60% of our team has personal experience with an eating disorder) to deliver compassionate, data-driven care.
A dedicated, 5-person care team treats every aspect of an eating disorder
You’re supported by a multidisciplinary team that includes a therapist, dietitian, medical provider, and mentors who have made it to the other side of recovery.
We help you identify and integrate your support network into your treatment journey 
We know recovery is possible for everyone with an eating disorder. It can be hard, but it’s worth it. We’ll keep you on track and support your every step.
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