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Explore: Freeform is a self-paced, virtual module designed to help people 18+ build awareness of harmful appearance ideals and practice new ways to push back against them. It’s also a preview of Equip’s full-length Freeform group which includes four weeks of live sessions.  Learn more about negative body image and open the door to further body image work.
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If you’re looking for a preview of what the Freeform program is like, we encourage you to sign up for Explore: Freeform, a shorter, self-guided module. 
What does it include?
One module with three brief chapters that delve into appearance ideals and body image.
Who’s it for?
This course is for anyone 18+ who is interested in gaining new tools to combat body image pressures and build a new relationship with their body. 
How long does it take?
The entire module takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. 
The three chapters of Explore: Freeform
Identifying appearance ideals
Develop a greater awareness of prevalent body and appearance ideals, and identify how these messages show up in your day to day life.  
The cost of beauty standards 
Get an overview of how these ideals affect us (e.g. emotionally, financially), and the time and experiences we lose out on when constantly trying to aspire to them.
How to challenge appearance ideals
Think through various ways you can challenge these body and beauty messages and live authentically.
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