Back to School & Eating Disorders
As the new school year begins, we invite families and educators alike to explore our digital classroom and back-to-school guides below to learn about eating disorders and how to support the students in their life.

Homeroom: Preparing for back-to-school while in recovery

The transition to a new school year never seamless for kids – especially during eating disorder recovery. Here's how to help.
How to help students navigate unsolicited commentary about their appearance as they head back to school.
From diet talk to dining hall food options, help your college student prepare for the maintaining recovery on campus.
Eating Disorder Facts
30 million Americans are affected by eating disorders
will never receive treatment
who do receive typical treatment will recover
of parents report feeling more confident in caring for their child

Science: Facts on eating disorders

Recognizing possible symptoms of an eating disorder is an important first step to getting the right support. Here's what you need to know.
What is it about FBT that makes it so effective, and what’s the science underlying its impressive success?

P.E.: The link between exercise and eating disorders

While it’s tough to nail down an exact definition for the phenomenon, over-exercise, compulsive exercise, overtraining — whatever you want to call it — often goes hand-in-hand with disordered eating.
When person has an eating disorder, what can look like a healthy attitude toward exercising is usually part of the problem. Let’s explore the difference between unhealthy and healthy types of exercise.
Is it an eating disorder?
Free eating disorder assessment tool
Learn more

Social Studies: Unpacking myths

When it comes to the public understanding of who gets eating disorders, the truth is often obscured by stereotypes and myths.
For all the increased awareness around eating disorders in recent years, myths about who gets them and why still abound.

Language Arts: How to talk about eating disorders and body image

An Educators Guide to Talking About Weight, Health, and Eating DisordersThere are still a lot of lessons to be learned about the most helpful ways to discuss eating disorders, weight, nutrition, and well-being in a classroom setting. Here's what experts reccommend to get started.
Here are some tips for navigating various scenarios in which a person in your life may be struggling — and how you can help be the changemaker they need to start healing.

Tips for talking to a loved one about an eating disorder

Ask your loved one if they are comfortable having a chat
Ask your loved one if they are comfortable having a chat
Ask your loved one if they are comfortable having a chat
Ask your loved one if they are comfortable having a chat
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Join us for our weekly Family Support Group! Every week, Equip clinical team members lead a candid discussion about the realities of eating disorders, common questions about treatment and recovery, and first-hand advice about recovery as a family. Learn more & register below!

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