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Huge strides have been made over the last few decades of eating disorders research — but it can still feel like an opaque world. Researchers in the field have been fighting hard to figure out what causes eating disorders and the most effective ways to address them, and in Research Notes, we're unpacking the studies, papers, and reviews that will help more people get treatment that works.

Michelle Konstantinovsky

Experts Say Anorexia Treatment In The U.S. Is In A “Crisis” — Here’s Why

While recent media has focused on the spike in eating disorders among adolescents during the pandemic, a silent and equally devastating problem has been building - expensive, unproven, failing treatment models.

Research Shows Equip’s Family-Based Treatment Model Works — Here’s Why

When it comes to eating disorder treatment, the reality is not all therapeutic approaches are created equal. In fact, the type of therapy at the center of the Equip model — Family-Based Treatment (FBT) — is the only well-established treatment for adolescent eating disorders. While methods like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), which is built on skills like thought retraining, and dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), which involves self-soothing and mindfulness techniques play important roles in the array of treatment options, FBT has proven time and time again to be the most effective method for adolescents — so why isn’t every child and teen with an eating disorder getting it?

Eating Disorders Cost the U.S. $65 Billion a Year — Here’s How You Can Help Change That

There are a myriad eating disorder facts that are slowly — thankfully — starting to enter the public consciousness. We know that eating disorders affect people of all ages, genders, races, sexual orientations and what eating disorders actually are (brain disorders — not vanity issues, choices, or personality traits). But one eating disorder fact that’s still very much under the radar is the financial impact eating disorders have on our society — and the truth may surprise you.

Michelle Konstantinovsky

New Research Reveals the Devastating Realities of Eating Disorders — Here’s What Families Need to Know

Research Reveals the Devastating Realities of Eating Disorders — Here’s What Families Need to Know