Why Equip works

Care at home on your schedule

What it looks like

  • Talk to your multidisciplinary care team between sessions via secure messaging and live video sessions
  • Treatment plan is tailored to your family's needs
  • Care takes place virtually from whenever and wherever is convenient for you
  • Your information is secure and private

Why it matters

  • Get help responding to real life challenges as they’re happening
  • Increase or decrease frequency based on your family’s needs
  • Arrange treatment to fit your entire family’s schedule and needs—instead of upending your routine or sending your child away from home

Dedicated 5-person care team

What it looks like

  • Your provider team includes a therapist, dietitian, physician, peer mentor and family mentor who work collaboratively
  • Peer and family mentors provide motivation and practical skills for recovery
  • Providers receive rigorous, ongoing training

Why it matters

  • Multidisciplinary, coordinated treatment means better outcomes. We know it’s hard to find—that’s why we built it into Equip
  • Mentors normalize the difficulties of the recovery journey. We know the best teachers are those who have actually done this work
  • Your provider team is trained in evidence-based practice to ensure your care is best-in-class

Gold standard care made accessible

What it looks like

  • A care program built by leading clinicians, researchers, and families who've been there
  • Our provider team integrates the evidence-based practices –  including Family Based Treatment, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – into one treatment program
  • We track your progress to improve your care
  • Family-centered treatment 

Why it matters

  • Get research-based treatment that works in the real world 
  • Many eating disorder clinicians aren't trained in evidence-based treatment—resulting in treatment that feels good, but not treatment that works
  • Outcomes matter—you’ll get individualized treatment that fits your family’s needs
  • Family involvement is the best asset for recovery

Built by patients, parents, clinicians, and researchers

We take insurance

Because recovery should be accessible

We're currently in-network with Optum and Cigna, with more insurance partners coming soon! Get in touch with our team to learn more.

Trusted by leading experts

  • "Equip has revolutionized eating disorder care by creating a virtual, evidence-based treatment model that allows patients greater access to high quality, affordable care. Focusing on data-driven outcomes and working closely with health insurers to provide this high quality care for their members has set them far apart from the traditional treatment landscape - which is often opaque, ineffective and expensive. With treatment informed not only by research but also people who've been there, Equip is redefining success with eating disorders for the whole family."

    Martha Temple

    Former CEO of Optum Behavioral Health

  • "Most individuals with eating disorders have the best chance of recovery when receiving treatment at home and in their communities.  Adolescents are specifically best served when disruption to life with family and friends is minimized. Unfortunately, quality outpatient treatment with a trained, coordinated, and multidisciplinary care team has been next to impossible to find—until now.  I'm honored to partner with Equip to make gold standard treatment for eating disorders accessible to all."

    Evelyn Attia, MD

    Professor of Clinical Psychiatry, Columbia and Weill Cornell

  •  “Extreme inequities in access to treatment for eating disorders, which have the second highest mortality rate of any mental illness, have persisted for decades. Kristina recognized this injustice at age 15, and dedicated her life to not only improving access, but improving quality as well. For far too long, we’ve blindly adhered to antiquated treatment modalities and blamed the patient for poor outcomes. Consumers and health plans must now demand transparency. Equip is poised to forge that path through its collaborative relationships with payors, providers, and families. We must unite in transforming this critical aspect of mental health care.”

    Patrick J. Kennedy

    U.S. Rep. and Founder of The Kennedy Forum

  • Family Based Treatment is the gold standard care for adolescents with an eating disorder ‚ but a majority of patients have difficulty accessing this therapy. Equip has not only made it easier for patients to receive evidence-informed care; it has expanded upon the model by providing peer and family mentors, and wraparound medical, therapeutic, and dietary support. Equip retains the vital core of FBT: parents and families are best suited to support their child’s weight recovery, and help them toward recovery. The Equip treatment model, FBT++, provides a high level of skills training and support for families, and virtual access to well-trained providers that stands to transform outcomes. 

    Daniel Le Grange, PhD

    Benioff UCSF Professor of Children’s Health and Director of the Eating Disorders Center; Principal creator of Family-based Treatment (FBT)

  • Research shows that patients and the people who love them play key roles in the pursuit of health and well-being, if we can tap into their deep wells of empathy and hone their skills. Peer patients and caregivers connect to share stories, solve problems, and point the way toward useful, reliable health information. Equip’s model—where peer mentors and family mentors are just as valued on the team as licensed therapists, dieticians and MDs—is one I hope we see much more of in healthcare.

    Susannah Fox

    Health & Technology Researcher, Former Chief Technology Officer for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services