Everyone knows someone with an eating disorder
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1 in 10 people are affected by an eating disorder
of those affected by eating disorders are men and boys
of people with eating disorders are underweight
of people will never receive treatment
Eating disorders often hide in plain sight
Here’s how to recognize the signs
  • Starting a new diet including interest in “healthy,” “clean,” “low-carb” etc diets
  • New interest in cooking without eating the food
  • Weight loss at any time during childhood or adolescence (even if starting at higher weight)
  • Fainting, weakness, dehydration
  • Self-criticism for eating or not exercising
  • Flat affect or absence of emotion
  • And more...

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Eating disorders don't look how many people think they look, allowing them to hide in plain sight.
One of the most insidious is that eating disorders only affect thin, young, white women. The truth is that eating disorders affect people from all walks of life.
Worried someone in your life might have an eating disorder?
Tips for providing support
Ask your loved one if they're comfortable having a chat
Share specific observations that have you concerned
Emphasize that you're here to listen and support
Remember to approach the conversation from a place of curiosity and avoid language that might seem critical or judgmental.
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Recovery is possible and within reach
Here's why Equip treatment works
Your family is supported by a dedicated, 5-person care team
Virtual treatment means you don’t need to put life on pause
Clinical expertise and lived experience give you human, outcome-driven care
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