Frequently Asked Questions

You’re worried about your loved one, and are now in the difficult position of trying to find treatment that works, is affordable, and fits into your family’s schedule.  We’ve done our best to answers families’ most frequent questions—we want you to be informed and confident in your choice.  If you still have questions, please reach out to us at

We already have a therapist—can we just be given a peer mentor and a dietitian?
Online treatment versus in-person treatment—which should I choose?
Does Equip provide Family Based Treatment (FBT)?
Who are Equip providers and how are they trained?
Can I pay for Equip without insurance? Do you have a sliding-scale?
Is there an age limit for Equip?
What types of eating disorders do you treat?
Does virtual treatment work?
What are the benefits of keeping my child at home, versus sending them to a residential treatment facility?
Why does Equip include family therapy? Can we skip family therapy and just have the other services?
Should my child do individual therapy or family therapy?
What if I’ve tried FBT before and it hasn’t worked?
What treatment does Equip provide?