Help your child heal their relationship to food—from home.
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Eating disorders often hide in plain sight.If your child has been exhibiting concerning behavior around eating or exercise, it could be time to seek support.

Common signs in kids

  • Failure to meet developmental height or weight gains 
  • New eating habits, such as eating more slowly
  • Avoiding eating in public or with others
  • Digestive issues

Common signs in teens

  • Secretiveness, especially around eating
  • Dieting, or cutting out entire food groups
  • Avoiding eating in public or with others
  • Excessive exercise
If you’re not sure it’s an eating disorder, there’s resources to help. Receive emails to learn more about how to spot an eating disorder, and what to do if you suspect one. 
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Why Equip treatment works
Equip utilizes leading treatment modalities, like family-based treatment (FBT) and enhanced cognitive behavior therapist (CBT), that are proven to treat eating disorders in young people.
Virtual treatment means you don’t need to put life on pause
Clinical expertise and lived experience give you human, outcome-driven care
Your family is supported by a dedicated, 5-person care team
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